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Can A Hamster Run Too Much On A Wheel?

Hamsters have a natural desire to exercise and so they like to run on their wheel.

Is there a limit to how much activity hamsters can take before they’ll tire and stop running? A hamster’s ability to run may sometimes seem intense or alarming because it seems like they’re only interested in running all the time and not engaging in any other activity.

Hamsters tend to run on their wheels throughout the day, as they know their own bodies and tiring themselves won’t get them anywhere.

However, running too much can be unhealthy for hamsters.

In this article, we will cover some of the most common situations you might face, as well as if your hamster should stop racing around all the time.

Can A Hamster Run Too Much On A Wheel?

Hamsters operate on a natural urge to run on their wheel. They’re constantly developing new skills, reinforcing old ones, and finding new ways of entertaining themselves—much like human animals.

To the users of this hamster exercise wheel, it looks like the human-made hamsters are running around in their cages too much.

Generally, they want to get a lot of exercise.

So, it’s okay if your hamster wheel is used often as long as they’re getting the proper nutrition, rest, and staying hydrated.

The only time you might have a problem is when your hamster runs on the wheel, always losing their hydration and nutrition.

That dictate is up to you, because at that point they are spending too much time on the Wheel.

Can A Hamster Die From Running Too Much?

Hamsters are often so eager to run on their wheels, they often seem like they might actually die trying.

Owners may be fearful of their hamsters dying prematurely due to over-exertion.

Hamsters are aware of their body and feel when it’s time to stop running on the wheel.

The only time you need to be concerned if your hamster dies from running too much is when they don’t have enough food or water.

When a hamster hasn’t ate or drank in a long time, it’s at risk of dying. If your hamster is still running on its wheel too much and their eyes are sunken in and they’re dehydrated, that’s when there’s a high risk of death.

So if what you’re doing is disregarding quality content, you should take the wheel out of their cage and only put it back in at certain times.

Follow this plan for two weeks and you will likely see your hamster commence their normal habits.

If the hamster is eating and drinking on its own after this first period, then you can return the wheel to its cage.

How Much Should A Hamster Run On Their Wheel?

The amount of time that your furry friends spends on their wheel will vary depending on the hamster in question.

This will depend on how much water and nutrition they get each day.

This can depend on various factors like the age, health, and wheel size.

A hamster can go about halfway to a mile before stopping, making six miles the most that they are able to run in one day.

In light of what factors, like the type of wheel they’re using, their age, and health, it’s normal for you to see a hamster run six miles on their wheel while they travel during the day and night.

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