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What to Look For in a Hamster Wheel

Whether you are looking for a hamster running wheel for your own home or for a friend, there are a few things that you should consider before you make your decision. These include material, noise level, size, surface, and attaching capabilities.


Choosing the right surface for your hamster wheel can save your pet from injuries and help keep them active. When choosing a wheel, make sure it has a solid surface and is large enough to allow your hamster to run without straining his body.

Wheels can be made from metal, cork, or plastic. The best wheels have a solid surface and no exposed axles or rungs. Wire wheels aren’t recommended, as they can trap your hamster’s limbs. Rungs can also cause broken feet and spinal injuries.

Wheels can also be made of mesh, but these can be a bit rough and can be a safety hazard. Some have open metal slots, which can trap your hamster’s paws. In a recent hamster rescue video, a hamster was filmed breaking his legs in a mesh wheel.


Choosing the right size hamster wheel is important for your pet’s health and well-being. You should consider your hamster’s personality and activity level. Your hamster may prefer a larger wheel to reduce boredom. You should also consider how much space your cage has to offer.

If your hamster has an appetite, you should provide a food and water dish close to the cage. Also, offer toys for your hamster to play with.

Noise level

Using a hamster wheel to exercise your pet can be a great idea, but it can also make your pet very noisy. Thankfully, there are many ways to make your hamster wheel quieter.

The most obvious is to lubricate the wheel. You can do this by using a lubricant such as olive oil or butter. Rub the oil on the axel, hinge, and axle.

Another way to reduce noise is to move the cage to a quieter area. If your hamster is being noisy in your bedroom, you might want to move it to a different room.


Having a hamster wheel is an essential part of keeping a hamster happy and healthy. The wheel will not only provide a place for your hamster to exercise but also give them a way to release energy. However, you need to make sure that the wheel you choose is the right size for your hamster. It is important to make sure that your hamster can comfortably run in the wheel without arching his back or bending his back.

It is also important to make sure that the hamster wheel is made from a safe material. Wooden wheels are a safer choice, but they can be hard to clean. They can also be chewed up by your hamster. Luckily, you can also purchase a plastic wheel. These wheels are durable and non-toxic. They can also be cleaned easily.

Freestanding vs. attached

Whether you’re buying a freestanding hamster wheel or an attached one, you will need to consider a number of factors. Getting a wheel that’s safe, stable, and easy to clean will ensure that your pet is safe while enjoying the benefits of running.

Whether you’re buying a wheel for your pet or a gift for someone else, a hamster wheel is a great way to satisfy their curiosity and help keep them fit. There are many models of hamster wheels on the market, from plastic to metal, and you’ll have to choose which one is right for you and your pet.

Some hamster wheels use rotating axles. These can be very dangerous for small animals, as they can trap their small paws and cause injuries. The best way to avoid accidents is to choose a wheel with a non-spinning axle.

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