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Which is better for your hamster: a hamster wheel or a hamster ball?

When you own a pet, you have to start thinking about how to keep them entertained and happy. This is especially true for hamster owners, who need to think about the best way for their hamsters to be active and healthy. A good place for your hamster to run around is a hamster wheel or a hamster ball. But which one is better? Is it up to you as an owner – or can we help you figure it out?

What are hamsters?

Hamsters are small rodents that are native to Asia. They are typically brown or black, have short fur and big eyes. Hamsters live in colonies of up to 20 animals and can run incredibly fast.

Hamster wheels are the traditional way to house a hamster. They are made from a hard, plastic or metal ball with a large hole in it. The hamster can run around inside the ball and access its food and water from everywhere. Hamster wheels come in different sizes and can be filled with different things to make them more interesting for the hamster, such as hay, straw or play balls.

Hamster balls can be fun for the hamster, but they don’t offer as much activity as a hamster wheel. Plus, a hamster ball can get stuck on the floor if it falls, which can be dangerous for the hamster.

Which is better for your hamster: a hamster wheel or a hamster ball?

A hamster ball is a great way to keep your hamster entertained and stimulated, but many people believe that a hamster wheel is better for their furry friend. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of each option:

Hamster Wheel:

– Hamsters love to spin around in circles, so a wheel provides them with plenty of stimulation.

– A wheel can be placed anywhere in your home, so it’s perfect for use when your hamster is feeling restless.

– Wheels are easy to clean, making them a cinch to maintain.

– Wheels can be used by both small and large hamsters.

Hamster Ball:

– Some people believe that balls are too dangerous for pets because they can easily become lost.

– Balls can be challenging for small rodents to get traction on, which can lead to injuries.

– Balls can be expensive to buy compared to wheels.

Pros of each

A hamster wheel is the better option for your pet hamster if you want to provide them with a comfortable environment and ample exercise. Hamsters who have access to a wheel can move around and explore their surroundings, which helps to keep them stimulated and mentally active. Wheels also prevent your hamster from becoming overweight or injured if they spend a lot of time running around on them.

On the other hand, a hamster ball is great for playtime and exercise because it allows your pet hamster to run and play without having to use their energy up on the wheel. Balls also help to prevent obesity in hamsters as they are less likely to overeat when they have something to chase. Additionally, balls can be used as a toy, so your hamster will have something fun to do when they are not playing on the wheel.

How do you set up the cage?

When it comes to setting up your hamster’s cage, there is no wrong answer – as long as the cage is spacious enough for your pet and has plenty of toys and stimulation options. The best way to set up your hamster’s cage is to start with the basics: an area of loose material (like hay) for them to run around in, some tunnels or tubes to explore, and a small pot or sandbox for them to play in. You can then add on as needed. If you have a hamster ball, you’ll need to place it in the center of the area so your pet can run around and play with it. If you have a hamster wheel, place it near one end of the cage so your pet can work their way around it.

What else should you get for your hamster?

A hamster ball is a great way to keep your hamster active and entertained. Hamsters naturally love to play, so a ball can be a great way to keep them stimulated and healthy. A hamster wheel is also a great way to keep your hamster active, but it can be more challenging for them to move around.


For the majority of hamsters, a hamster wheel, which can be purchased here, is the better option. Hamsters that are used to running on a wheel will usually be more active and happier when transferred over to a ball, but they may not be able to get as much exercise as they would on a wheel. If you have a hamster that doesn’t like running on wheels, try training him or her with treats and encouragement for awhile before transferring them over to the ball.

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