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Why Your Hamster Not Using Wheel?

Some possible reasons a hamster might not be using its wheel could be that there is something wrong with the wheel, if the hamster doesn’t like it, or if the hamster didn’t even get a wheel in the first place. Regardless of what’s going on with your hamster and their wheel, there are some steps you can take to make sure they become friends. We’ve done all the research and have some excellent information for you.

Why Your Hamster May Not Be Using His Wheel

The wheel has the incorrect size

The size of your pet’s wheel is the most important aspect for many hamster lovers. Ensure their wheel does not cause uncomfortable arching to proceed with it. Purchase a wheel that can accommodate their body in order to prevent unnecessary health risks.

Additionally, the wheel could be too large. The weight of a larger wheel can make it hard for your pet to handle. Because of this, they’re likely to avoid the wheels altogether.

Before purchasing a hamster wheel on hamster-wheel.com, ensure you know the appropriate size your particular hamster. Know how big the size options are and find the one that’s usable for your hamster, rather than purchase one that will likely be too large.

The design of the wheel is uncomfortable

To those who have never owned a hamster, the image that likely comes to mind when envisioning a hamster wheel–one constructed of numerous metal bars–likely appears.

Hamster wheel have been traditionally used, but they generally don’t do an adequate job in treating your hamster’s feet. Bars across the wheel can result in your hamster’s foot getting caught in between and overheating, which could cause discomfort or injury. Your hamster will run better on a wheel with solid circles.

With your mini litmus test, you want to make sure the wheel is large enough to provide a comfy ride, but not so massive that your furry friend runs away. Be mindful of the weight of your pet’s size when purchasing the wheel for them.

The wheel makes too much noise

Some wheels may be noisy. For some hamsters this is not an issue, but for others it could make them keep away from their toy. Routinely spin the wheel to ensure that it functions properly. Sometimes a noise coming from the motor could due to something being lodged in the moving parts of the wheel.

Most don’t make that noise because they’re installed correctly and they have proper parts. Ensuring your wheels are properly aligned, have good quality parts and checking the suggestions provided with each wheel will help stop the noise.

Your hamster doesn’t have enough energy due to poor nutrition

Your hamster may require a balanced diet that includes fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, and hamster pellets. If you aren’t giving your hamster the right amount of food, then this could be the cause for their lethargy. Always ensure you’re providing them with the right meals without over or under-feeding them.

Your hamster is too old for the wheel

If your hamster is getting old, it may be that they are less active. If you’ve tried everything else and your hamster still doesn’t want to use their wheel, that means they don’t have the energy anymore. Most hamsters live around two to three years.

The hamster has an injury or illness

One reason a hamster might not be on their wheel is because they are sick or injured. For example, metal-wire wheels can cause injuries to a hamster’s foot. Hamsters can also get sick or injured in their cages. This can come from eating spoiled food or rough bedding material inside the cage.

If your hamster is inactive and you notice their eyes are glossy, or they have a discharge from the nose, you should take them to the vet. Make sure that your hamster still wants to eat and drink, so check for interest in each of these. If your pet avoids putting weight on a specific leg, check for a cut or wound and be aware of their body language.

How do I encourage my hamster to use the wheel?

If you already know the size of your wheels and the quality is perfect, it may put some doubt in your mind if the worm will take to them. Many people entice their worms into the wheel by secretly placing treats or food inside, which grabs their attention after just a little motion.

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